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When it comes to capturing the essence of the start of the rest of your lives, the choice between posed and documentary photography can significantly impact the overall feel and narrative of your wedding photos. Every approach offers its own unique advantages and every photographer has their own unique style, vision and creative eye. As a photographer, my passion lies in preserving the genuine emotions, candid moments, and authentic interactions that unfold naturally throughout your day. To give you a better understanding of my approach, I want to walk you through a bit of the difference between posed and a documentary approach and contrast with my approach to capturing your most cherished memories.


Posed photography involves setting up specific shots and poses to achieve a desired aesthetic or composition. While posed portraits can be beautiful and timeless, they often lack the spontaneity and authenticity of candid moments. Posing typically requires more direction and control from behind the camera to ensure that every detail is perfect. While I definitely think there are times where posed photos make sense, it only makes up about 10% of my work. I also believe that the more “perfect” approach can really box in creativity and sometimes even ruin the experience for couples.


On the other hand, documentary photography focuses on capturing real moments as they happen, without intervention or staging. This approach emphasizes authenticity, emotion, and storytelling, allowing me to preserve the genuine interactions and spontaneous expressions that make your day unique. This approach means I often blend into the background, observing and anticipating moments as they unfold, without disrupting the flow of events and fleeting moments.


My approach to capturing your day combines elements of both posed and documentary. I always say I am a fly on the wall and your new bestie jumping in where it may be necessary (like during bridal photos so you have direction together, or up in the dance floor dancing and snapping fun moments). My primary emphasis is on authenticity and storytelling. While I believe that posed portraits have their time and place, my passion lies in documenting the genuine emotions, connections, and moments that unfold naturally throughout your day.

During your wedding day, I strive to be a quiet observer, capturing the subtle glances, heartfelt exchanges, and spontaneous gestures that tell the story of your love. I believe that the most powerful images are those that evoke emotion and preserve the feeling of a moment, and I work tirelessly to capture those fleeting moments of joy, love, and laughter.

While I may offer gentle direction during portrait sessions to ensure the best possible lighting and composition, my goal is always to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you and your loved ones can be yourselves. I believe that the most beautiful images are often the ones that are unplanned and unposed, capturing the authentic essence of your day in all its raw and unfiltered beauty.

To wrap this up in a bow, while posed photography has its merits, my passion lies in the art of documentary photography, where authenticity and storytelling take center stage. It’s the difference between experience and production. By blending elements of both posed and documentary approaches, I strive to create a gallery that not only reflects the beauty of your day but also captures the real, the raw and the beautiful emotions and moments that you’ll cherish for a lifetime and that your loved ones can cherish beyond your lifetime, too!

My name is Taylor Dewey, I'm a couples, weddings, elopements and underwater photographer based in Oahu, Hawaii.




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