Things To Consider Including In Your Elopement


Before we jump into 5 things to consider including in your elopement, let’s start with what even is an adventure elopement.

Well, an adventure elopement in the most basic forms is putting on your wedding clothes, tying the knot in an epic location and literally going on an adventure- be it a beach, kayaking, boating, jumping in eat ocean, you name it. Adventure elopements are not for everyone but they are for the more intentional, simple, adventurous couples who opt for a more intimate-driven way of getting married and those who really care about the overall experience.

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The planning that goes into an elopement can be extravagant or simple and you need to know that you can make it as weird, unique, spontaneous, creative and magical as you want it to be! There are literally no limits.


Choose a location that is breathtaking, that literally sweeps you off your feet! Choose a place that represents you and your partner. If you love the outdoors then hike to the top of a mountain and elope there or on the edge of a cliff with a stunning landscape in the background.

If you are serious beach-goers elope on the sand of your favorite beach during sunrise or sunset. It is important to me as a photographer to ensure that the location selected is special to you and represents your relationship, it is your big day so go the extra mile with something epic. 

The location can vary depending on your relationship from what you like to do together or where you first met. Personally, I think if you chose a location that has a special place in your heart it can have more meaning and be more memorable to you.


A first look is already a given with elopements but so many people forget to consider doing a first dance and dinner because you think of a traditional “elopement” and think, get in say the vows take some pictures and get out. But that is not what we’re talking about here with adventure elopements.

You can still be so intentional and still experience all the same things you would with a traditional wedding, minus all the guests. Opt in to do a more intimate first dance with your favorite song in the background, eat a dinner whether it’s a picnic at your epic location or at an In N’ Out. And pop some champagne!


I always say “ Go big or go home”. Your wedding may not be big, but your photos certainly will be. Eloping allows for so much creativity,  so let’s make sure it’s unforgettable. Incorporating transportation into the photoshoot screams adventure, spontaneity, and fun. Have your car in the background of the shot decorated with flowers and painted with “JUST MARRIED” OR elope on a boat to create a classy look while you indulge in a charcuterie board and a bottle of champagne. Go crazy and book a helicopter ride on the top of a mountain.


When people say “add your own touch” to something it can be hard to be creative and find the things that are unique to you. For some one couple, it may look like going to your favorite market, for another it might be a museum.

Sit down and have a date, talk about all the things you love to do from small, even tedious details to bigger more obvious ones. Look at the details of your day and think on how you can add just a little more you. I think personalizing things like wine bottles, name cards, signs, and even napkins during a picnic elopement can add more of you two into your pictures and day.

This can also be as simple as incorporating the little things from your relationship that built the foundation of it all, maybe you want to include those like little notes you wrote to each other to add to the day. If you are thinking, “what could I personalize”, anything can be personalized by adding your name or the date of your elopement to it. Etsy will be your new best friend to customize literally anything you want.

Here’s a list of additional unique ideas:

-Bring your dog(s)

-Say your vows during and in front of a hot air balloon festival

-Bring a box of pizza and do a toast with some beer

-If backpacking is your thing, hike with your backpacks and “just married” signs hanging on them

-Yes, you can still do a wedding cake!

-Book an epic Airbnb in the mountains and host your elopement there (next weeks blog post will be a compilation of tropic locations around the world to host your adventure elopement)

I hope this blog post gets you inspired and gives you some ideas of what to incorporate into your adventure elopement and when you book with me, I’ll send you my 64 page elopement planning guide, for free! Fill out my contact form and let’s get to chatting about how I can serve you on your big day!

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