5 Reasons Why You Should Elope


Okay, guys! I love weddings and I love elopements, each for different reasons. Today I want to talk about some unique and special things about eloping! Maybe you’ve never considered eloping, or maybe you have but if you’re not sure whether eloping is right for you, here are 5 things to consider that just might make you want to elope. Or if you have friends or family who maybe don’t understand your desire to elope, these are some helpful reasons that may aid in their understanding if you’re a simple bride and groom.

1. “Just Us”

Traditional weddings are planned and scheduled from the ceremony to the reception. And for some brides, they plan from the getting ready all the way to the send off. All eyes are on you—there’s barely any time in the night for you to even sit down and enjoy the celebration because your attention is constantly being pulled away. Not much time for you and your partner to eat the delicious food that you spent months planning and don’t forget about the cake that you spent endless hours deciding on. I love weddings too, don’t get me wrong. It really depends on what kind of day YOU want. Some couples love the idea of celebrating with all their friends and family, others prefer an intimate tight-knit kind of day.

 Eloping opens room for more personal connection between you and your partner. It offers a chance to take in all the happiness, love and excitement that comes with starting off a marriage. Do you want to have a special moment together where you can be private and adventurous? If yes, eloping is the way to go!

2. More Adventure, Less Stress

What the heck is an adventure elopement?! WELL, let me tell ya! Basically, you and your partner embark on an adventure and I document the whole thing. The adventure is unique to you and your partner’s relationship and I am just the third wheel friend helping to bring that to life. I am down friend, too so if your idea’s  pretty out there, I am all here for it! This adventure can look like rock climbing in your wedding outfits, scaling a mountain, swimming in the ocean (i think you get the idea). It can be anything you want it to be to spice up your special day in an authentic way. Do you dream of snacking on a charcuterie board during sunset on the Appalachian Mountains or hiking to a waterfall to read your vows to the sound of rushing water? Your elopement can be anything you want it to be to make it special for you. One of the best things about eloping is that it’s less stressful with less planning and for some, less people-pleasing. 

3. If You Want “Different,” the Possibilities Are Endless

Eloping is filled with endless creativity that allows for you and your partner to share something different from a traditional wedding day. We are moving away from tradition and toward a world filled with adventurous, quirky, and unique ideas that bring out personality and candidity.  Eloping also means your photos will be 1) stunning, 2) breathtaking, and 3) personal! Some of my favorite elopement moments I have had with clients are the ones that are not planned, which is what makes elopement photos stand out. Of course there’s a base “itinerary” usually and some props but really once it starts the creativity just flows and the possibilities are endless.

4. Intimate Photos & Moments

YOU GUYS! Eloping can be anything you want it to be! It’s meant to be spontaneous while still being special. Eloping means intimate photos with your partner. No matter how much you plan and coordinate, it’s hard to focus on each other when there are a million things twirling in both of your heads. By choosing to elope, you commit to more intimate memories and moments for the length of time that you desire and you put your own twist on it. I’ll be there to capture the most beautiful candid moments of you and your partner enjoying one of the biggest days of your lives and to help guide you along the way. Elopements are  private and personal to each individual couple which is also why I spend so much time with you in the planning phases. 

5. Save Money!

For real though, who doesn’t want to save money? Not only is eloping special and unique, but it’s a serious money saver as well. With a traditional wedding, there are so many expenses and tiny little details that yes, take time and money. With elopements, there are so many ways to have your mini ceremony and the money you spend won’t be going toward a venue, food for a 100+ people, etc.

I hear couples say they wish they would have taken the money they spent on their wedding and just gone on an adventure. Those are the kinds of couples I am talking to. This is for you! Additionally, with C*VID, there’s never been a better reason to elope. Eloping is not for everyone and that’s okay. Every single couple has different desires, wants and needs for their big day and how they want to remember it. Just don’t cheat yourself on spending a bunch of money on something you don’t actually want. If you’re thinking you want an adventure elopement and this is definitely the way to go for you, let me know! I would love to accompany you on your grand adventure to kick start your beautiful marriage! 

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