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Our Wedding


*preface before we jump in- we got really lucky that we were able to have our wedding associate shot by another couple (Jarom + Shanessa) and I edited our photos. I know this can be a bit controversial in the wedding industry but this ultimately worked better for us and we’re really happy with the end result!*

Cobian and I got married on July 23, 2022 at his parents home on the North Shore of Oahu and it was nothing short of magic, romantic and fun which wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing community.


Tables and chairs: Aloha Artisans

Bar + Bar Cart: Aloha Taps

Reception Food: Spaghettini (Haleiwa)

DJ: Fro Baby Productions (DJ Nate)

Coordinator: She’s a family friend and is taking clients by word of mouth

My dress is from Dreamers and Lovers

Our biggest mission was to try to make our wedding as sustainable as possible. We bought and thrifted most of our decor and used compostable forks and spoons and plates. Our table and arch greenery was foraged from a friendly neighbors tree, other foliage like Monstera leaves (and our arch) were gifted/lent to us from Why Knott Nursery, our deserts and cocktail hour charcuterie was put together by some of our aunties, our reception table arbor was built by Cobian’s dad, our cousin did all the writing and we had loads of help with decorating. I also bought all of our lighting.

We have an amazing community of friends and family who came together to make our vision come to life and we are so so grateful! Plus our vendors really added to our day in every way, they were helpful, kind and excited with us which makes a world of a difference.

All items were either re-used or sold after the wedding.

We had separate guest lists for our ceremony and our reception. Because our guest list was so large and I wanted to try really hard to find ways to keep things intimate at the same time, we invited only a handful of our people to the ceremony. These guests looked like family and friends who have played important roles in our relationship and who we see often and people who traveled to come to our wedding.

Then we had remaining guests come and join toward the end of cocktail hour to celebrate with us the rest of the day. This guest list included people who maybe one of us don’t know or don’t know very well, but are still important. It was hard to find ways to keep our day intimate while not neglecting people who we wanted to have there and felt should be there celebrating with us and have played a role in our lives in one way or another.

The timeline

We worked together with our families, friends and vendors to get everything set up in the morning and then our timeline looked like:


-Cocktail hour (family + bridal photos)

-Reception entrance (champagne pop) + say our hellos + dress change + shoe game

-Reception (dinner, first dance + cold sparks, parents + open dancing)




My name is Taylor Dewey, I'm a couples, weddings, elopements and underwater photographer based in Oahu, Hawaii.




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